Bedroom Color Schemes

Designing a bedroom starts with designing bedroom color scheme. Your bedroom color scheme sets tone for the rest of the room. Your bedroom design should be a glorious thing to wake up to in morning and to retire at night. So, it’s important to choose bedroom colors that works well for you.

Neutral color scheme

A neutral color scheme will always be classic and will guarantee a hotel like experience. This trend is never be going off season and works throughout the year. This can be accessorized with all bedroom colors making it complete design chameleon.

Blue color palette

Blue color scheme for bedroom will forever be a go to for spaces for those who need a calm look. The room decor will add further comfort to the look.

Purple and pink

Purple and pink color represents feminine color palette. Purple washed neutrals make an elegant bedroom color combination.

Cream Color

For those who are nervous about returning to the warmer side of the color wheel, paint your bedroom with luxurious creamy tones like whisper white and sheer pink in a nod to smart but sophisticated. These bedroom color combinations work particularly well with dark woods and tend to suit transitional homes which aim to preserve traditional aesthetics.

Gold color palette

The mixed metal colors are in trend, think about subtly mixing metallic colors in fabrics too. To master the look, ground golds with white foundation for a bedroom color combination that’s a little bit special.

Grey bedroom

Sharp and brilliantly ambiguous, this bedroom color combination perfects the art of unisex bedroom design. A botanical color in grey print and mixing it with whimsical aesthetic and uncomplicated design. The chaise sits in the corner of a warm grey which mixes luxurious finishes with handsome one.

Brown Color

A brown bedroom color idea that will endure through spring, summer, autumn and winter; brown color reflects an effortlessly chic space which draws on the rustic side of the palette. The warm tones create a cocoon like vibe which makes this kind of bedroom color a winner on all fronts.

White and Black bedroom

The white and black walls is an easy way to ground a large , airy space. This is a classic choice regardless of the time of year. Flawless finishes of this color give bedroom’s color combination a sleek look but this color palette would work equally well with rustic woods and tactile muslins.

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