How is Aircon chemical wash done?

Cleaning and inspection of interior components are part of the chemical wash procedure for air conditioners. Technicians who are  good at aircon chemical wash,  begin by removing the air-conditioner cover and dismantling the system, after which they clean the air-conditioning filter using water and chemical solutions. Technicians next utilized a high-pressure jet to clean the interior heat exchanger, draining pan, rear screen, and covering, followed by chemical-based cleaning solutions to remove any dirt, lubricant, and dust from the fan coil’s components.

What makes you think you require it?

A specialist will remove your air conditioner from its wall mount and use a chemical-based cleaning to clean the air filters, fan evaporator coil, and other system components. The same solution is applied to the air conditioner’s drainage system if your machine has water leaking issues. To minimize noise, the fan bearings are greased.

Is it necessary to clean the air conditioner with chemicals?

Chemical air conditioner cleaning is required to keep it operating at peak efficiency, especially if you have an air conditioner that isn’t cold or is leaking water. Regular air cooling washing without the need for chemicals may not be able to fully clean your machine. The cooling system may not receive the thorough cleaning it requires, and you may experience the same difficulties as before.

Advantages of a Chemical Wash

A chemical wash entails a skilled technician dismantling your air conditioner so that he or she may thoroughly clean the coils, air filters, and water trays using a chemical solution. Some of the advantages of utilizing this type of solution to clean these components include the presence of chemicals that fight mold and other hazardous microorganisms. The cherry on top is that it also inhibits their growth.

Refreshing the air conditioning system

Air conditioning overhaul, as opposed to chemical cleaning, is a method of AC service or repair. Whether the ac unit isn’t cooling properly, is generating a loud explosion, is dripping moisture, or has entirely quit operating, you should consider having it overhauled. Each component of the system is dismantled, cleaned, repaired, or replaced during this procedure. Experts will determine whether your machine needs a comprehensive overhaul or merely chemical cleaning.


When hiring a company to clean your air conditioner, keep in mind that a good air conditioning service company will not stop at chemical cleaning. The AC specialist should perform routine work, check for components that require significant repair or replacement, and troubleshoot any problems with your unit that you bring up.

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