What is Aircon chemical wash ?

If your air conditioner still does not blow cold air or takes a long time to chill your room after cleaning the air ducts, your air conditioning expert may prescribe a chemical wash.

A good at aircon chemical wash is a process in which all of the parts within the air conditioner (compressor, filter, condenser, etc.) are disassembled and soaked in a chemical solution. A chemical solution is also used to cleanse the air conditioner’s interior pipes. This aids in the removal of sticky residue and acids from the air conditioning components. Find out how much chemical cleaning and other air conditioning treatments cost here.

It is the procedure of cleaning the interior components of your air conditioner with chemicals. To begin, your unit would be disassembled, revealing the evaporator coils, condenser, and air filters. The parts are then immersed in a chemical solution to help remove any dirt particles or corrosive acid that may have become stuck to them.

The chemical wash could also be used to completely erode and wash out any algae or gunk in the drainage pipes.

Is a Chemical Wash Required for Air Conditioning?

Chemical air conditioner cleaning is a required procedure. Cleaning regularly may aid in the removal of some undesirable particles. Even so, there is a lot of poisonous muck that has collected in the components over time.

Toxic sludge is difficult to remove and may corrode and cause significant damage to your unit’s interior components, reducing the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner. As a result, it is advisable to do a chemical cleaning on your air conditioning machine at least once every six months.

How Often Should You Perform An Air Conditioner Chemical Wash?

It is always recommended to do air conditioner chemical cleanings, however, the frequency of cleaning will depend on how frequently the device is used. The time intervals advised range from half-yearly to once a year to every two years.

Why Should You Use Chemical Washing Methods?

  • Improved Air Quality

The most obvious advantage of chemical cleaning is that your air conditioner’s components are completely cleaned. As a result, the air quality from your air conditioning unit will be better than before.

  • Reduced Breakdown Frequency

Frequent maintenance and chemical washing keep your air conditioner free of potential problems caused by broken parts or accumulated grime.

  • Improves Performance

Eliminating the pollutants from your air conditioning system parts helps to unclog the ventilation system, which provides better efficiency for your air conditioner.

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